Biotechnology Entrepreneurism


“Susan was one of the first employees of Momenta and was instrumental in building the foundation of the company from the very beginning, which has led to the many successes we have achieved over the years. Susan brings a mix of talents that is rare in the biotech industry. She blends her technical insight with an instinctual understanding of the business and legal environment. She has a strong grasp of intellectual property and a deep understanding of the strategies needed to gain market access. She has a sharp set of communication skills and is a strong spokesperson for the companies to investors and business partners.”

Craig Wheeler, President and CEO, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Former President, Chiron Biopharmaceuticals and Partner at the Boston Consulting Group

“Susan has strong leadership skills. She saw where we needed to go and communicated those needs clearly. She is inspirational and motivating and often helped to navigate through difficult, tense situations. She has an uncanny ability to integrate science and intellectual property with the business strategy and see the big picture. She has great communication skills. Susan is the epitome of a team player with an amazingly high emotional intelligence and a true leader in thinking about the culture of the company.”

Alan Crane, President and CEO, Tempo Pharmaceuticals, former President and CEO of Momenta Pharmaceuticals and Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Development at Millennium Pharmaceuticals

“In the dynamic world of biotech Susan builds bridges between the folks on the science and business sides of the organization using her natural intellect and people skills to make things happen. She is smart, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with.”

Ganesh Venkataraman, Ph.D.; Chief Scientific Officer, Senior Vice President Research and Co-Founder, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, former member of the MIT faculty and Director of Bioinformatics for the Consortium for Functional Glycomics

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